Trust Funds

Inmate trust fund information

Each inmate has a trust fund account where monies can be deposited. Deposits can be made at any time in our jail lobby through the money deposit machine. Money orders can also be accepted via the mail. From these funds, inmates can purchase commissary items, (food, clothing, personal hygiene items, and stationary supplies etc.), phone cards and medical needs.

At an inmates lodging, they are issued a inmate card to use in the kiosk in the cell blocks and vending machines. The inmate is charged $5.00 for this card and if it is returned at the inmates released, undamaged, they will receive a refund of the fee charged for the card.

Citizens can also electronically put money on inmates accounts from the internet by visiting

At the time of an inmate's release, they are given a check for the ending balance, if any, from their trust fund account.