Bond Information

For inmates that are bondable, Fulton County Jail bonding hours are open 24 hours a day.  All bonds (per cause number) are required by law to be accompanied with a (5) five dollar fee.

Inmates are given a phone call at the time of their booking and informed of what their bond amount is set at, if they have one at the time of their booking.

Some charges do not have a bond until a "probable cause" comes in from the court or until the judge deems a bond amount.

Family can contact any local bond company to prepare for bond procedures, if they so choose to. The following is a list of those bail bond companies that can be used:


ACE BAIL BONDS 574-371-7911
AARON ALFANO 574-549-7086    260-564-5421
MARK ALFANO 574-527-3417  260-227-2491   260-578-0505
BINGLE BAIL BONDS 574-753-4999
24/7 BAIL BONDS 765-475-0100 / 574-223-2475
LYNDA AWALD 800-586-2287
BARNETT BAIL BOND 574-569-6621
ANGEL COOPER 260-578-0505
FULTON BAIL BOND 574-223-6100 / 866-936-2009
RICH BISCHOFF 574-946-4878 / 574-595-0421
TONY DELAUGHTER 260-578-0505
FOSTER BAIL BOND 219-369-2534
BRUCE HARRIS 888-690-2245 / 574-753-2302
RICHARD A. HOLLAND 765-475-0100
KEEFERS 574-722-2245
ANITA KING 574-678-0260     260-578-0505
DELBERT KING 574-678-0260     260-578-0505
LEO'S 574-678-0260
JAMES McMICHAEL 317-681-9271     260-578-0505
JERRY NEWMAN 260-578-0505
AL PUTMAN 574-223-8883
KAREY PUTMAN 574-224-2245
MICHAEL TUTTLE 260-804-4561    260-578-0505
KENNY WEPPLER 574-946-7788


Inmates are generally given another free call whenever there is a change in their bond.

When a person is brought into the jail on new charges, the officer has 48 hours to get the probable cause signed by a judge. At the time of getting the probable cause signed, the judge can determine a change in the bail amount.

If the person arrested is currently on probation or parole, there will be no bond until the judge determines one. In addition, if the person is currently out on bond for another reason, they will not have a bond until the judge determines one.